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There is no doubt that everyone wants a well-paying job. It is understandable to want a career that pays what you deserve after spending so many years educating yourself. While there is no shortage of lucrative employment opportunities, it’s crucial to recognise that compensation standards differ between organisations and industries. Your school background, professional experience, and other factors will all affect your pay.

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Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, you have a wide range of alternatives for high-paying jobs in India. The highest paying jobs in India for this year are listed below.

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1. Project Manager

Top on the list of highest paying careers in India is project manager, and project management in general. According to the stated strategy, the project manager takes over leadership of the undertaking and plays a key role at every step of project management. The job of a project manager include overseeing tasks such as risk management, stakeholder management, and project communication management as well as monitoring, evaluating, and prioritising tasks as necessary.

Due to the critical role that the project manager plays in deciding a project’s success, there is a growing market need for qualified project managers.

In India, the salary range for Project Managers varies from ₹4 to ₹ 28 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of ₹ 12.0 Lakhs. The average annual salary of project managers in other Indian cities includes the following:

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2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

An AI expert must come in second on the list of highest-paying positions in India. An artificial intelligence (AI) engineer is a specialist who develops intelligent software systems that can adapt, learn, and get better over time. They work with stakeholders to identify the business requirements, and then use AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to build and develop software solutions that meet those objectives.

AI engineers are in charge of designing and putting to use algorithms that can learn from data, as well as building and testing models that can reliably predict outcomes and make sensible judgements. To guarantee that AI systems are created and put into use to satisfy business needs, they must be able to collaborate well with a range of stakeholders, including software developers, data scientists, and business leaders.

The average annual salary of an AI engineer in India is ₹8 Lakhs (and can go as high as ₹40 Lakhs per annum). The average annual salary of AI engineers in other cities in India includes the following:

Top employers that are hiring for AI engineers include; Oracle, Amazon, Google, Deloitte, IBM, and Intel Corporation.

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3. Data Scientist

The next highest paying position in India is that of a data scientist, which comes with a range of benefits and competitive salary. A data scientist is a professional who gathers, analyses, and interprets vast volumes of data in an organisation, earning the title of “the most promising career” on LinkedIn. Data scientists in India might pursue a rewarding profession if they have a solid background in computer science, programming, mathematics, statistics, and analytics.

With an average yearly compensation of over 10 Lakhs, data scientist is one of the highest paying professions in India. Data scientists with experience can make up to 25 lakhs per year. In other Indian cities, data scientists typically earn the following per year:

Top employers hiring for this highest paying job in India includes; Amazon, Procter & Gamble, and Walmart Labs.

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4. Machine Learning Engineer

An area of artificial intelligence (AI) called machine learning (ML) has exploded in popularity across a variety of fields. The field of AI and ML is expected to grow dramatically over the next several years and now has one of the highest salaries in India. Experts in machine learning conduct statistical studies and create ML applications and algorithms that can be used for commercial requirements.

In India, a machine learning engineer makes an average yearly salary of nearly 7 lakhs. Additionally, the following are included in other cities’ average yearly salaries:

Top employers that are hiring ML engineers include; IBM, Zycus, Bosch, and SAP.

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5 .Blockchain Developer

The buzzword of the moment, blockchain technology, is revolutionising topics like financial transactions, internet connectivity, data security, and data processing. Blockchain technology is being used by both the public and private sectors to eliminate middlemen, save prices, and increase speed and reach. Blockchain developers might be aspirational for engineers or IT professionals with a solid expertise in computer science, mathematics, and/or statistics. Indian careers in blockchain technology are the best.

Over $8 lakhs is the average yearly income for blockchain developers in India. Professionals with experience can make up to 45 LPA. In other Indian cities, blockchain developers typically earn an annual salary of:

Top employers hiring for this highest paid job in India includes; Auxesis, Cognizant, NTT Data, Capgemini, and Hitachi, amongst others.

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6. Full Stack Software Developer

One of the top paying careers in India, the demand for software developers—including full-stack developers—is at an all-time high. Experts at building both the front end and back end of software or websites are known as “full stack developers.” Since they create a website from scratch, this position is among the most paid in India. You can improve and boost your chances of becoming a Full Stack specialist by enrolling in an online specialisation in Full Stack Development if you have a Bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science.

In India, a Full Stack Software Developer makes an average annual pay of around $9 lakh.

This highest paid job in India has several openings across industries and sectors, and pays the following average annual salary in other Indian cities:

Top employers hiring talent for this highest paying job in India includes; Barclays, Dell, IBM, Siemens, BNY Mellon, among others.

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7. Product Manager

The second highest paying positions in India are for product managers, who play a key part in formulating strategy, marketing, feature definition, and product forecasting. Product design, development, and management are quickly becoming at the forefront of the Indian business. Product managers need to be meticulous and knowledgeable about organisational objectives connected to product development. With a product management certification, you may advance your career and find the greatest positions in India.

In India, a Product Manager typically earns $14,40,000 a year. Beginners often make between 7-8 LPA, whereas experienced workers typically make between 17 and 26 LPA.

Top employers hiring for this next-in-line highest paying jobs in India includes: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, Salesforce, and Uberincluding others.

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